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    Well, I'm really excited about starting med school, and its all gone quiet on here

    So, I was wondering whether anyone has any info on the funmed course, electives, classes, that kind of thing.

    Anyone have tips to prepare for the start of term, things you wish you had done, or wish you hadn't done for the course??

    Does the course offer much preparation in the way of suturing, venepuncture?

    How does you week pan out? I heard that third term is reallyhard because of the exams, what should we be focusing on to make third term less stressful?

    thanks everyone

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    The anatomy colouring book by Wynn Kapit and Lawrence Elson seems to be recommended by first years ive spoken to. Otherwise probably have to wait till after exam time to get any warwick students on here lol
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    i wish i could get excited with you guys- but i'm still on the reserve list! i was on campus yesterday for a job interview- and i walked up to the med school and got so excited! then i realised i have to not get my hopes up.....
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    Hey izzy, congrats and will see you in September! Eh...cant say Im too sure about funmed. Or very much else about the course! The exams are quite challenging I hear but then again at least theyre not essay-based! (urgh, essay questions...). We'll find out more on July 9th
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