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    Help with strategy for VR section of UKCAT

    Hi guys,

    What is the strategy for the VR section of the UKCAT?

    1. Do you guys read the questions first and then scan for the answer in the passages?

    2. Or do you read the passages then go do the questions and then refer back to the passages?

    I am leaning toward #1 because you only have 21 minutes for 44 questions and going back and forth between questions and passages will not give you enough time. I am having trouble finishing up all 44 questions in the allotted time.

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    I think you have to find what works for you. Personally I found it easier to read the passage quickly but try to understand as much as possible, then the questions do not take too long. And it is reasonable to expect not to finish- so leave a minute or two at the end to guess the remainder, even if you answer 'can't tell' for all the answers.

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