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    Talking Do A levels matter when I have a good degree result?

    I'm maybe applying for medicine, at the mo I'm doing a degree in Neuroscience. I had BBC at A level and was wondering does that matter if I get 2.1 or 1st in my degree? I never thought of doing Medicine at first and actually wanted to do Neuroscience. But now I'm more and more interested in the neuroscience aspects of medicine.

    Southampton graduate entry BM Medicine, 2011.

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    Your A level grades will matter (or not) depending on where you apply.

    If you get a 2.i, Sheffield want BBC, Cardiff want BCC and I think Barts and Kings want something similar, so you can apply to all of these, at least. Some medical schools disregard A level results altogether with a First (again, I know that Sheffield do).

    Give your target medical schools a call and ask them... I'd say you're in a pretty good position at the moment.


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