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    Working Abroad . . Gap Years etc.


    well im doing my A levels right now and i dont want to do a gap year between university, i want to keep ball rolling if you see wat i mean get good qalifications first and a degree i can rely on be it medicine or another.

    but i was wondering after say i finish the medical course (if i get in) what are the options to do voluntary work abroad?, see i would like to do health care or other voluntary work abroad it really appeals to me. can i just go abroad with a company and do a few years of voluntary work and then come back and find work etc? or am i expected to go straight into a job after graduating?

    i understand that this may prove financially difficult as you are expected to come out of uni in debt and then to go abroad will not help that problem.

    so has anyone advice/similar experience or help they can offer me

    any suggestions will be much appreciated

    and sorry for my lack of knowledge, im using all available sources jsut so i can make informed decision

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    Hi there. Can I just say its nice to see somebody actually talking about helping people rather than enquiring about the financial gain of entering this profession, its a breath of fresh air.

    I am not 100% on exactly how this works, but with the current system (which may not even be in place when you qualify), I would think you would have to finish your two foundation years after qualifying if you plan on coming back and recommencing your career. After those years, you are essentially a free agent, but be warned that it is not going to be easy to get back into the profession if you've been away for a while. You'll be expected to explain where you've been and to show the knowledge of a doctor that has just completed his foundation. And I am sure competetion for jobs will be high. If you go abroad with a specific voluntary organisation, a glowing reference of your skill and dedication will undoubtedly aid your re-entry.

    I hope this helps and good luck with your studies.

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    Modernising Medical Careers structure has been designed with this in mind. As far as I'm aware, you're able to take time out before or during your specialist training years without too much hassle.
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