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    Transfer to a Med School in the UK from a M-School in Russia

    I am a second year student in a leading medical college in Moscow, Russia . Is it possible to take a transfer ot any medical school in the UK from my present school , to continue my studies from the next acadmic year onwards ?

    I would be obliged if anyone can help me out .

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    Hi, as far as I am aware some medical schools do accept transfers from other universities at the beginning of the third year, though I don't know with any certainty which ones do. You would be best served by either emailing or contacting the medical schools that you are interested in to find out if they do.

    Hope that is useful.

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    hi S.

    Brave of you to wanna make such a big move!! I would rather put my head in a bucket of custard (shark infested, that is)
    There is usually a deadline for transfer was the 15th of March for some of the London universities I know of.
    YOu might wanna contact them straight away to find out if its possible or not. Time is important here, I reckon.
    Let me know things go if you can!
    DO you get any transfers coming to Russia (!!!) from abroad?

    I was gonna end by wishing ya 'good luck comrade' but thought it not too PC...
    So, Take Care instead

    Where is the road I follow?
    Believing, leave.


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