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    Guardian 2013 university rankings

    Will the fact that St. George's has come in last place in the 2013 Guardian University Ranking of medical schools affect anyone's decision to apply to or accept an offer of a place there?

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    Apparently the Guardian used some duff data.

    They mixed data for the medical school part, with data from the Faculty of Healthcare (Joint venture with Kingston University) - eg they included the students at the joint faculty, but not the staff, so the staff student ratio was fantasy...

    Plus the ranking system doesn't take account of the fact that most medical schools use entry exams (eg UKCAT, GAMSAT, BMAT) above A-Level results (especially for graduate entry) so rank lower on entry tariff. At SGUL there are more mature medics than direct school leavers.

    But overall if you get several of these different raking systems, you will find that they are very inconsistent, which is why most people ignore them.
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