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    GEP UKCAT for Southampton

    Hey guys!

    My UKCAT is in a week, and one of the Uni's I'm thinking about changing one of my choices for is Southampton. Can anybody tell me whether they have a cut off for the GEP? Or can current GEP students give me an idea of their UKCAT scores?
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    Kings 5 yr - Rejected without interview - maybe UKCAT?
    Southampton GEP - Rejected
    Barts 5 Yr - Rejected - Missed UKCAT Cut-off
    UKCAT - 627.5

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    Hello Bubblez,

    I'm not a current student of Southampton BM4 just yet, but will be in about 2 weeks time! Like you, something tempted me to put Southampton down instead of one of the four choices I had settled on and I am very glad that I went through with it.
    At the minute, the UKCAT isn't as important for Southampton as it would be for other universities such as Kings or Barts (I think mine was 680 on average, which prob. wouldn't have got me into Kings) I think it's only used in cut off situations. The main issue is that your personal statement has to really stand out and be full of experiences (both clinical and non-clinical) that have shaped you as a person and inspired you to pursue medicine. Remember there is no interviews at Southampton which can be a blessing or a curse depending on what way you look at it.
    Good luck!
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    A fellow Kings GPEP student and I also go offers for BM4 (for 2008 entry). Both of us were settled in London and hence took Kings (plus also the fact that there's no interview means I hadn't seen Soton and therefore felt less close to it).

    However just to add to the above on personal statements: neither of us had huge clinical experience (though obviously some). What both of us did reflect on in our forms was what we had learnt from our careers to date (both of us had worked for a few years in competitive, long-hours jobs with substantial pressure) and why this was relevant.

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    hmm I am very unsure whether to bother applying to southampton GEP because of my UKCAT... On the plus side i have spent about 2 months on my personal statement and i think its really good, and i guess i have a good degree from a good uni. Any opinions would be appreciated!

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