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    Sheffield or Aberdeen for medicine?

    Hi, I was just wondering which uni is better for medicine, Sheffield or Aberdeen? I hope someone can really advise me on this. Thank you.

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    I'm guessing by this you mean reputation. Obviously I'm biased towards Sheffield and it is sometimes overlooked in terms of academic reputation. Sheffield is in the top 100 QS world ranking of Universities (only 17 UK universities are on this list). It is also a member of the Russell Group and was awarded Times university of the year in 2011. Last year, the graduates from Sheffield medical school placed 3rd in the country on average score for job applications.

    But the real reason to choose Sheffield would be if the course suits you (an intergrated course, mix of PBL and lecture based) and if the city suits you- more of a homely city with lots of greenery, very friendly and student orientated. There's lot's of reasons I love Sheffield, sad to be leaving
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