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Thread: PS review

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    PS review

    I honestly would like someone I don't know to read my personal statement and tell me what they think. If are willing, please respond with your e-mail. Thank you, from across the pond!
    2010 Application:

    Soton (GEP) - Unsuccessful
    Soton - Interviewed
    UEA - Unconditional
    Keele - Unconditional
    City (Optometry) - Conditional

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    Hello there I've seen that no one has replied on this thread to your post, so if you are still looking for someone to read over your PS I would be happy to. I'm a bit busy this weekend with moving and so on, but if you are ok with a reply coming late Sunday or early next week then just PM me and I'll give you an email address to send it to
    I'm a second year at HYMS, which I see you are conflicted about as your fourth choice =P (I think it's great btw!)
    PS, if you want someone else to look it over, there's actually a sticky post at the top of the 'Personal Statements' page where lots of people have posted if they would be willing to check personal statements

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