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    Hours during terms/holidays at UEA

    I am thinking of applying to UEA this year for 2013 start on the 5yr medicine course. I have two young boys aged 2 and 4, and I am trying to work out whether I would get to see much of them once I start studying (if I get in!). Do medical students have normal university holidays that follow roughly school holidays? Or am I kidding myself? It would also make childcare so much more expensive if I will need lots of holiday care. Can anyone advise?

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    The 5 year course follows regular uni terms except when you do elective, which can be between years 4 and 5, but depends on each uni, don't know when UEA allocate theirs. The only other factor is half terms and then the exams are usually Jan or May, so after christmas or easter holidays so you need to properly allocate your revision time!
    Good luck!

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