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    The Path of an Orthopaedic Surgeon (UK)

    So, I am a prospective medic, hoping so specialise in orthopaedic surgery. could somebody please explain the course an Orthopaedic surgeon would have to take before he could start practice from acceptance into a UK Med School? it is tricky to find information on British Pre-Med.

    How long do they train? what is the process? is this long compared to other specifications? what does an average Orthopaedic surgeon make pa? is this high?

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    I was told by a nurse married to one that by combining Nhs and private work it could "easily" be 300k no idea about pay and hours on the way up though.

    If anyone can give info on maxfax careers, hours andpay would great! Cheers
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    Need to be dual-qualified for max-fax; bear in mind the extra years' training will mean that your average salary pension will probably be lower than your other surgical contemporaries.

    pmiles, what makes you determined for a career in Orthopaedics when you're a prospective medic? BOTA and FOS are two organisations that help trainees and juniors in careers in Orthopaedics. Once at medical school, your surgical society along with RCSEd/Eng can help give you advice about careers. The path is as follows:

    Medical School +/intercalation


    FY1-FY2 (foundation years)


    CT1-CT2 (Core surgical training)


    ST3-ST6 (specialty training) ---> Gain FRCS and your CCT and then you're a consultant. Hopefully.
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