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    UK electives for 2013


    Im currently in my 3year of a 4 year med course in Poland. I am English and would like to come back to the UK. I have to sort out medical electives, but it seems to be tricky for some reason. Does anyone know how i get in contact with any of the big teaching hospital in the West Midlans, such as New cross Hospital or the Queen Elizabeth medical center? I tried calling and e mails but keep going around in circles!!!!

    I would appreciate any help

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    Some hospitals in the UK are quite used to requests from students and have set up specific application processes (e.g. Great Ormond Street: Medical students - Career development - Working here - Great Ormond Street Hospital). I'm not aware of any specific ones in the West Midlands, but it might be worth doing some targetted googling (e.g. 'elective'/ 'work experience' + 'hospital name'.

    It sounds like you've been contacting staff through hospitals. It might be worth trying to track down the teaching staff at the University associated with the hospital instead. I think they'll be more used to dealing with students' queries and know a bit more about how the process works. Also, in my experience individuals are easier to contact through their academic establishment rather than through a hospital, even if they work for both- presumably this is because they don't want to be inundated with messages from patients!

    Good luck!

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