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    intern in australia

    hello guys

    i am a final year med student in dublin, ireland. i am planning to go abroad to australia and do a year of postgraduate training there, and would like to find some info about being an intern in aussie land.

    the general impression of doc's life in australia is that they show up in shorts, go surfing after lunch, etc. well i'm certain it's not like that in autralia, but we tend to believe that life as intern is easier out there. is this true? what's the reality like? what's are the work hours (including on-calls) in a week? what's the salary and cost of living in say sydney, melbourne, or brisbane? and what is the likelihood of finding an intern spot in a quality teaching hospital in such major cities? if anyone (aussie or not) who has info about this, please let me know. thanks!

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    I don't know much about the medical side of Australia, but I've just spent four and a half months there so I know about living!
    I was in Sydney for 2 months, and it's pretty easy to get a flat there. I was living in a hostel the whole time, but there's plenty of people looking for someone to share a place with if you can't afford a place on your own. There's flyers ALL OVER the city for accommodation, or if you can't find anything you like try the TCP, 7th floor Dymocks building, George St. It's for travellers, but there's notices up there as well.
    As far as the city, it's like any big city. It has the expensive places and the cheap. I found it impossible to save there as there's just ridiculous amounts to do, but I could get by ok just working in a call centre.
    Brisbane is quieter and more laid back, so if you're looking to spend less money there may be your best choice. Again I stayed in a hostel, but from what I gatehred cheap accomodation was easy to find. If you ever find yourself there, go to the Pig and Whistle bar on the mall, I worked there!
    Dunno if that's any help at all, Iim just remembering now and wishing I was back haha, it's such a great place
    HYMS York campus baby! See you all in september '07!

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    I'm not sure if this answer is too late ...
    Sorrry! No shorts in sight in most major Australian Hospitals! I'm from Adelaide, and the average week would be between 60-80 hours, and you get one in three weekends partially off. In Adelaide, an intern can expect to earn around $Au80,000, I'm not sure what it is in other states, but the cost of living is significantly higher in the "Eastern States"
    Hope that helps!


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