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    Graduate Entry Interview Preparation

    Hey Everyone,

    Almost ready to send the UCAS form off and also since I'm applying to Cambridge the CGCM one as well. I've got a few weeks before I start back at Uni and want to get some interview preparation done before I go back. Just wondering how people are going about preparing for the interviews. What books or websites are people using? Would be good to build up a collection of book or websites for everyone to use.

    At the moment I'm focusing on knowing as much as I can about the course, keeping up to date with current medical issues and working on ethical topics. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

    Good luck to everyone applying.

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    Looking at 'how to get into med school' and talking to myself on the train a lot.
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    Hey guys! I ust ordered GSCE and A-level revision guides for chemistry and Biology from Amazon...even though I have a Biology BSc, Immunology MSc and I'm now doing a PhD! I have forgotten ABSOLUTELY everything! Would have totally failed the mock interview on the Cambs website. I'm just going to read through those and make some notes (in between writing a PhD thesis...100,000 words...easy!), read New Scientist and keep up to date with NHS news.

    Hey...we might not even get an interview!!!

    Dr_Scully, is it worth buying that book?

    Thanks X

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