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    Question Recommended Study time for good As/A2 grades

    Hi Guys,

    Just after some advice with regard to needed study time to achieve high grades at A-Level. It's been 10 years since I studied at this level and frankly can't remember how I went about it. I'm currently working two jobs and have started Chemistry and Biology at Night school (which takes me just over 1hr to travel to after work) - so I've minimal time to set aside & will need to use my time wisely. I know each person is different in learning but I would be most grateful to hear how much time you guys set aside per subject as a realist attempt to achieve top grades.

    Any advice would be grately appreciated.


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    I work full time and put in around 5 hours study Saturday and Sunday mornings, and then do around 3 hours study per evening after work. One evening is an hour with a tutor to assist me with physics. Im going on holiday next week and plan to carry on with the schedule. So thats around 25 hours per week.

    Last year i had two level 4 exams (equivalent to 1st year ni/level above A level), i did the same as i am doing now and managed to pass both exams with distinctions. The exams were Law based and not a subject i was familiar with.

    I generally revise quite alot over Christmas holidays when work is shut (i work in an office), so plan on doing 8 hours of study per day during the christmas break as my exams are in January, i'll give myself Christmas Day and New Years day off as a treat!

    Some people may think this is excessive study especially on top of work, but as it has been a long time since i was at school i'd rather be more prepared than needed instead of less.
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    Rach how many A-levels are you studying? Thanks for your rapid response.

    No, No I don't pass any judgement on anyone's revision system -really depends on the person. I just am very interest in hearing how other people manage their study and work- finding the balance. I currently am finding it difficult to find a balance - I'm only getting use to my new routine. So I am hoping to start a revision plan in the next week or so.

    Does anyone else have anything to add?

    Thanks, E

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