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    Imperial GEP Applicants 2013

    I found the previous Imperial GEP application threads really helpful when looking to apply for this year, so thought it would be a good idea to have one even though we're already halfway through the application cycle! Better late than never as they say!

    I had my interview in December, so just waiting to hear back from Imperial in February with a decision - not long to go now!

    Good luck to all those who've applied this year and are waiting to have interviews/hear back from interviews! And commiserations to those who have been unsuccessful.

    All the best everyone!

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    It looks like I'll be heading to Imperial this September! Got a conditional offer on the 12th of February! Congratulations to all those with offers and good luck to those still waiting!

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    I've just created a facebook group for Imperial GEP medics hopefully starting this September/October! Feel free to add yourself!

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