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    Question Gamsat 2012 cut-offs.

    Hi all,

    Any one dare to give predictions for this years Gamsat in ireland?
    The percentile graph certainly appears to show a trickier exam than the UK,
    Any ideas for minimum cut offs for UL, UCC, UCD RCSI?. Mr. Ivor Gleeson himself - from CAO
    confirmed to me on the phone that minimum offers last year were 54*, and certainly no score under this gained entry to any of the colleges.

    PS: Did any one get the generic Email from UL today thanking you for chosing Ul
    as one of the colleges for the GradMed. course - along with additional info. about the college: student life, the campus, accomodation, etc.
    UCC sent similar mail before the Gamsat test! - last year, im told. Saves paper I guess, if anything.

    Just wondering since the offers are meant to come out by early August? - It's gonna be a long two month wait I think .

    Got to get a past time to keep busy I guess!!

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    Still no ideas for the cut-offs? - tricky even if 200-odd of us have looked & thought about it.
    Time will tell, i suppose.

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