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    SellingGRADMED Preparation Notes

    Hi Guys!

    I did the GradMed intensive preparation course in August and found it extremely helpful and am selling the material.

    Due to illness I'm having to consider my options at the moment, but with the help of this revision material, especially the science booklets, I passed the GAMSAT with a score of 67. It was my second time of doing the exam and I genuinely feel the course helped me because I was floundering, trying to do my own revision with A level textbooks etc and realising there was just too much to cover!

    There is a lot of material here which includes:

    1) Gamsat Phyics Revision Material

    2) Gamsat Chemistry Revision Material and purely chemistry related questions

    3) Gamsat Biology Material and purely Biological questions

    4) Simulated Gamsat Question Papers for Reasoning in Biological and Physical Sciences

    5) Mathematics for Science Notes

    6) Gamsat Written Communication Material along with explanation papers

    7) Simulated Gamsat Question Papers for Reasoning in Humanities and Social Science

    The simulated questions I found particularly excellent because (I'm sure you all know by now) you can't pass the Gamsat the way you want to without practicing the type of questions they ask.
    I'm sure you all can appreciate that alot of money went into me preparing for this course so I'm looking for around 250 for the material.

    If anyone's interested don't hesitate to PM or email me
    All the best with the exam!


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    Hi biancadh09,

    Sorry but it's all been sold!
    All the best with the exam etc


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