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    Graduate Entry Medicine with a 2:2?

    I could really use any advice that you guys have to offer.
    I've been thinking long and hard about going to medschool and I definitely want to do it. I've got a 2:2 BSc Hons degree in Medical Biochemistry, and i'm aware most uni's ask for a 2:1. I've got a lot of care experience both part time n full-time and also a bit of shadowing work that i've done in the past.
    Realistically, what are my chances of getting onto a 4-year course?

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    Same as anybody else. You meet the requirements for the universities that accept 2:2 (pending UKCAT/GAMSAT exam scores, obviously), and they don't discriminate against people with 2:2 degrees at interviews.

    As such, you can immediately look at St George's, Nottingham and Peninsula, then depending on your A Levels you may be able to consider Kings and a few others.
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    Grad Entry

    Thank you so much, and congrats to you for getting a place! I see you did well on your GAMSAT. Could you please advice me on which resources to use in preperation of the exam? I hear its very difficult and should start preparing now if I want to sit the exam in September.

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    I agree Notts, St Georges and Peninsula are the main 3 with a 2:2.

    But I'm in the same situation and am stuck with my 4th choice. I'd have to do a masters to be looked at by Kings for the 4yr, but does anyone know of anywhere that will accept 2:2s on their 5 year standard courses as well as science A-levels at the required grades? I've looked on pretty much every website and most in their guidance say with the 5yr you still need a 2:1.

    Anyone know of anywhere? Does Kings require a 2:1 for their 5yr?

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