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    Graduate entry, no science background

    Hey everyone, this is my first post here

    I've just completed my undergrad degree at Leeds University (I got a 1st). I've been considering going into medicine but I don't have a science background, but am considering all options (e.g. doing a couple of science A-levels in a year out).

    So does this plan sound viable? I know that some universities accept a non-science person like me at graduate entry but how much work will I have to do to prepare my application? Should I do some A-levels? My GCSE's and previous A-levels are not at all impressive but could I get by on the 1st class degree?

    And what kind of superstar qualities are required to get into somewhere like Cambridge at graduate level?

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    Really useful website!

    Hi Guys,

    Glad to hear so many of you are thinking of applying for a graduate entry course! I am a current 2nd year grad medic student at Cambridge, just posting to inform you of the new CGCM Society website - a student-run site which has some info on the course and application tips which you may find useful regardless of whether you are applying to Cambridge or elsewhere!

    Cambridge Graduate Course in Medicine Society - Main Page

    Hope you will all check it out.

    Good luck with your applications!

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