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    Access Course for Liverpool Med School

    St Martin's College (Lancaster) in association with Liverpool School of Medicine
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    I am going to put this as a sticky.

    *Nottingham 5th Year Med Student*

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    Anybody willing to give any feedback on this course - reputable ? etc

    Cheers peeps

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    I actualy go to St Martins at the moment and i have been to have a chat with a few tutors. I have been told that the course is for people who live LOCALY!! this course was set up to alow people from the north west to go to med school in the north west and then work in the north west. Anyway the course is 3 years (part time), and is only run full time if there are enough people wanting to do the course full time.

    There is another course like this one run at lancaster Uni. Its first intake is this september, it only accepts 25 people on the course. You must be from the north west area (the are trying to increase dr retention in the north west). There are 10 linked places to Liverpool University. The course is run full time over one year. It is for people with non-standard qualifications. They have filled the course up for this year. You have to apply for the course via UCAS as it is held at a university. The course has the same modules as the first year of the Biomedical Sciences degree, therefore, if you do not gain a place at liverpool you can go straight into the 2nd year of the miomedical scicences degree at lancaster Uni, which would then alow you to apply for GEP. By the way i have been told by certain sources in the Uni (a couple of mates are lecturers there) that they are building a medschool at lancaster, in conjunction with UCLAN (University of Central Lancashire), which 'should' be up and running in 2008 (but possibly 2007), so there is always the option to do medicine there.

    Please tell me if im any one has heard anything else about the lancaster med school.
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    Advices to do Med or a4m

    Dear Amanda,
    My AS Biology A Maths A Che A doing AL with three Aís with predicted. I have been turn down my 4 choices.
    Now I have applied to Lancaster A900 and waiting for interview also I have applied Kins Ly and waiting for interview. I need to do 1 year and go med. I got GCSE from my country and got 8 A 1B and 1 C . C for Science in my country we havenít got A*. it mean A is equal to A*. one point is turn me down this. And the other point is I have got 18 units. Please advice me to do med. I really need to do med stat as soon as I can. I live in surrey. Can i apply Lancaster Uni to do pre med
    Any help will be really appreciated.

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    surrey is not in the north west

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    University of Liverpool Foundation Year


    I just wanted to let everyone know about a great new foundation year that has started at The University of Liverpool. It is a six year programme leading to an MBChB.

    Details of the course can be found on the following link:

    or on

    Applications are made directly to the university and not via UCAS. The course has guaranteed progression onto the first year of the five year medicine degree at Liverpool provided you pass the year with 70%.

    The course is run in collaboration with Carmel College a local FE college.

    The contact address at Carmel College is:


    I am currently a student on the programme and thought it would be nice if more people knew about this great opportunity.



    PS I think you can still apply for 2008/2009 entry.
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    you have to be 21 to go to carmel college, i applied and got rejected cos i was 18 at the time.
    however there does seem to be a bit of a margin on that. if your 18 and have no a levels in science subjects, there is a small chance you will get in, my friend from school did.

    she tells me the course is very intense as they cram A level bio, chem and maths into one year. but its wwell worth the hard work, i'd have gone if i could have.

    also to Hirukshi. i would still go for it anyway. i got into bradford clin sci which is supposed to be for w.yorkshire people only and i'm originally from liverpool.
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    haha. i've got to cram a level bio, chemistry, and maths into one year next year... at carmel... but not in the foundation course... just as an a level student because the college is shite and their teaching methods consist of putting an ascetate on an OHP and saying... copy that out. It's like that for me anyway... that may just be because my chemistry teacher for half the year was covering my old chemistry teachers maternity leave, and is leaving herself in september, and cba teaching us!!!!
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    Alex01, when you say you are garunteed to get a tranfer to 1st year medicine on acquiring over 70% in the course, would this mean that an interview will not be required?

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