Project Blue Sky: Pearson’s OER Search Engine

Pearson have just announced a new website that will search Open Educational Resources (OERs) called Project Blue Sky:

Project Blue Sky allows instructors to search, select, and seamlessly integrate Open Educational Resources with Pearson learning materials. Using text, video, simulations, Power Point and more, instructors can create the digital course materials that are just right for their courses and their students.

This kind of site is really very necessary if OERs are to become more widely adopted. It will be interesting to see what resources are listed and how useful they are. One of the problems with previous projects like this (repositories of “learning objects”, for example), has been the low quality of many of the resources contained – it was very difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Hopefully, Project Blue Sky will including some crowdsourcing technology to allow users to rate and review the resources listed to ensure the high quality OERs rise to the top.

You can visit the preview here:

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