iPad Mini for Medical Education

The new iPad Mini looks like a perfect device for use in medical education. Designed to compete with the Amazon Kindle (and Kindle Fire) in the lucrative eBook market, this device is bound to be a hit with medical students. The price point (from £269) means that it really is in the grasp of most students and could even be something medicals schools could look at issuing.

Although the obvious advantage of this device is that it’s a better format for reading eBooks, it is probably also a better device for carrying around the wards. The iPad, although a big improvement over laptops, is still quite large and could get heavy by the end of a long night-shift. The medical apps designed for the iPad 2 will all work fine on this devices as it’s the same resolution screen.

If you are a medical student, are you thinking of getting one? Or do you think your medical school should issue one for you?

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  1. this would be a great tool for first responders and EMT’s for on the sight help for evaluation and first action on all calls. This should be a must have for the greater good of life saving. With cut backs nowadays, our companies need more help then ever before. It would be the perfect instrument to be used by one and all in the department.

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