New Media Medicine has been developing innovative e-learning solutions for the healthcare sector for 10 years. Lead by medical doctors trained in the UK, NMM’s e-learning solutions are clinically focused, accurate and engaging. We’ve developed over 80 multi-media e-learning solutions for wide variety of clients including universities, hospitals and continuing medical education portals. Our courses blend highly detailed 3D biomedical animations with professionally filmed video and voice overs to produce engaging multi-media learning experiences.

Learning Management Systems

We can install, configure and theme a web-based Learning Management System (LMS) for you to host your e-learning courses.

Course Design

Developing a great e-learning course can be a challenge. Finding the balance between conveying enough information to be useful and becoming too difficult and onerous for students to complete can be difficult. At New Media Medicine, we’ve developed over 80 courses and have a very good understanding of what makes a good course, how long modules should be and what level of detail should be present in each module. We can work with you to design courses that appeal to all levels of learner.

3D Animation

We use the latest 3D modelling tools to create highly realistic 3D biomedical animations. Our animations are used in a wide variety of ways, from carefully explaining a difficult medical concept to a group of patients, to helping medical students learn the details of human anatomy. We have complete, highly detailed anatomical models of male and female bodies and can produce almost any biomedical 3D structure by either licencing models or developing them from scratch.


Most healthcare workers now take advantage of mobile devices such as iPhone and Android smartphones and tablets. Our e-learning solutions are often designed to work across multiple platforms and devices. We also have experience developing “native” applications designed to perform optimally on a specific device such as an iPad.

Social Learning

Running a forum with thousands of users every month has given us a unique insight into how “social media” is used by medics and healthcare professionals. We are passionate about “Social Learning”, using social media to enhance blended learning solutions. Students love to socialise and our challenge is to channel that desire into useful learning outcomes. By implementing an e-learning solution through a Social Networking platform, as we have done with the Health Informatics Forum MOOC, we believe that we can support larger numbers of students, at lower cost and with better learning outcomes.