New Media Medicine is a digital health company based in Oxfordshire, UK. We specialise in digital design, medical illustration, mobile app development and open source web platforms such as Moodle, Drupal and Wordpress. NMM has been developing digital health solutions for over 10 years working with healthcare organisations, universities and private companies.
Project Blue Sky: Pearson’s OER Search Engine

Pearson have just announced a new website that will search Open Educational Resources (OERs) called Project Blue Sky: Project Blue Sky allows instructors to search, select, and seamlessly integrate Open Educational Resources with Pearson learning materials. Using text, video, simulations, Power Point and more, instructors can create the digital course materials that are just right […]

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iPad Mini for Medical Education

The new iPad Mini looks like a perfect device for use in medical education. Designed to compete with the Amazon Kindle (and Kindle Fire) in the lucrative eBook market, this device is bound to be a hit with medical students. The price point (from £269) means that it really is in the grasp of most […]

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Open Educational Resources for Medicine and Healthcare

I recently attended a great seminar on Open Educational Resources (OERs) organised by MEDEV called “Re-imagining open education, published works and social media“. For those not in the know, OERs are pretty much what they say on the tin! They are educational resources such as presentations, images, files, documents, etc that are open for re-use […]

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